1. What is Study by App?
Answer: Study by App is an an affordable and easy to use web based app development program. We provide access to our system to a wide variety of individuals including: individual app developers, teachers, college professors, administrators, industry professionals, and even students. The Study by App system, removes the complex coding from app development, and instead employs an easy to use drag and drop web development system for app development.

2. What does Study by App offer?
Answer: Study by App offers 3 basic systems for app development: a Non-Profit Licensing Program, a For Profit Licensing Program, and a Revenue Sharing Program for individual app developers. The Non-Profit Licensing Program enables school systems the ability to license the SBA Web Development Software for a calendar year to create as many FREE apps as they choose. The For Profit Licensing program enables organizations to license the SBA Web Development Software for a calendar year to create as many FOR PROFIT applications as they choose. The Revenue Sharing Program provides individual app developers with access to the SBA Web Development Software for FREE, to produce a single FOR PROFIT application under the SBA Brand.

3. Do you offer video tutorials or other help features to aid individuals with app development?
Answer: The SBA web development platform has over 75 self help video tutorials interlaced within the program at integral stages of development. If you have a question about using our platform, we most likely have a video tutorial to answer it. If we don't, let us know, and we will make sure we add one to the system!

4. What kind of experience with mobile app development does your company have?
Answer: Study by App brings to the table almost 4 years of mobile app development and employs only the most knowledgeable and tech savvy individuals to work on making a better mobile development experience. We currently have over 65 applications on the market today and have a pipeline of over 50 more applications in development. In addition, our apps have been very well received by end users with a majority of them receiving outstanding ratings in their various marketplaces.

5. What types of applications can Study by App be used to created?
Answer: Currently we offer the capability to produce interactive iPhone and iPad applications. We are also in the final stages of development of an Android web development platform as well, and also plan to offer active HTML 5 and Windows based apps in the near future! Please check back with Study by App for system updates, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with all things Study by App!

6. How many apps has your company sold to date?
Answer: We are very pleased to announce that a majority of our applications have been very well received and are downloaded quite frequently. We currently have experienced well over 100,000 app downloads since 2010 and look forward to reaching our next 100,000 downloads in 2012!

7. How can I learn more about Study by App?
Answer: To learn more about our web platform and to begin a FREE Trial Membership, please click the JOIN US link and follow the onscreen instructions. Or if you would prefer, please visit our Contact Us page to speak with us directly. Also, please feel free to FOLLOW US on Twitter or Facebook!